The D.U.C. Model – A New Solution to Providing Great Personal Security

Everyday, security professionals use acronyms to describe things in their jobs. We have acronyms for certifications (OSCP, CISSP, GSEC), compliance standards (NIST/FIPS, HIPAA, GDPR), and job titles (CEO, CISO, CTO). We use the acronyms to help us understand what others are talking about or referring to, and to make talking much easier too. Many companies […]

How I learned About Security by NOT Studying Security

October was National Cyber Security Awareness month! It was also possibly one of the busiest times in a college student’s semester…Midterm season. I am currently in my second year of school studying Information Systems, am actively involved in a sorority on campus, and work part-time. Balancing what work you NEED to do to get your […]

Buggin’ Out Over Bounties -My First Steps into Bug Hunting

For the past year or so, I’ve been watching some of my friends and mentors participate in bug bounty programs. The programs are offered by many websites and organizations, where individuals can receive recognition and monetary compensation for reporting bugs related to security flaws. I’ve been itching to participate in one for a while, but […]

How I Learned to Stop Giving a Sh!t and Learned to Love DEF CON

My first DEF CON was in August 2019 attending DEF CON 27. I was able to attend due to the generous people that donate regularly to Women in Security and Privacy (WISP), a 501 (c)(3) non-profit dedicated to advancing women’s careers in information security and privacy. While DC27 was my first DEF CON, it was […]


Hi! I’m Lexi, also known as @1eea10u and I’m an Information Systems student specializing in Web Application and Network Security. While I love security, I also have a collection of 50+ rubber ducks and have a thing for old-school Italian food. I’m currently an interning penetration tester while in school and am blogging to document […]