Hi! I’m Lexi, also known as @1eea10u and I’m an Information Systems and Governance/Risk/Compliance student with a focus on threat intelligence and digital forensics. While I love security, I also have a collection of 50+ rubber ducks and have a thing for old-school Italian food.

I created this blog after almost a year of debating if I should start documenting my entry into the field of Information Security. I hope to write up technical aspects of my journey, as well as some of the more “soft” and fun aspects of this as well! My hope for this blog to be not only a reference and living résumé for myself, but also a way for others to learn more about information security!

Why The Cyber Robot Pilot: Cyber Robot Pilot (sometimes Cyber Robot Pilot Hacktress) was a nickname given to me by my mentor at my first application security internship. It caught on with the rest of the team and just kind of stuck!

I can’t wait to share my experiences and knowledge with you and hope you gain some sort of entertainment or insight from a n00b-y point of view!